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All Made Right--First Christmas in Heaven

15 December 2021

I expect grief is different for everyone. Different if the one who is gone is a grandparent, father, mother, child, spouse, friend. Hard to prepare for without knowing how it will be for you. Different if you were there when the death happened. Different if you were absent. Different if you were the one calling the ambulance.

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Thanksgiving Prayer: A Bit of Holy Defiance

23 November 2021

I read the end of the book, and I know who wins. Evil and the effects of evil will fail. God will triumph. I won’t give Satan the satisfaction of my bitterness or the control freak politicians and bureaucrats the satisfaction of my misery. I will raise my thanksgiving in defiance.

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Morning Has Broken

08 July 2021

Dad never coasted. He never folded his hands and let the madding crowd decide which way to go. He never stopped thinking about truth, about God’s Word, about theology. He engaged with hard questions and studied the Scriptures for answers to them. He made decisions on conviction. It was not enough to learn what God’s Word had to say, but he would frequently upend his entire life to make it align with what those truths revealed, no matter what it cost...But as is often the case with great strengths, this drive in my Dad to engage with hard questions, to understand God’s Word in every particular, was also his great weakness. And somedays, it brought him very low.

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The Case of Bob: A Stray Puppy and Limited Government

23 February 2021

Now what? I had this strange dog in my house, and I suddenly wished I’d never seen him to begin with or let him walk into the house. Because now, I had to decide what to do with him. It was very late, and I was standing there with wet hair out of the shower wearing my pjs and slippers. I did not have the energy or stamina to take him outside and go house to house to find his people. But I figured he must have belonged to someone because he was wearing a collar, albeit no tags. At this point, Jonathon and I were faced with three options. 1. Take the dog in for the night and try to find his people later. (This option presented the very real possibility that we’d get stuck with him for good.) 2. Send him back outside and hope he found his way back home. 3. Keep him for the night and call animal control in the morning to take him off our hands.

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Sinking Sands--A Three Part Series Part 2: How Do I?!

13 January 2021

If you can find your footing on the rock that is Jesus and take your trust away from the sinking sands of earthly heroes, political movements, and the existence of America as we know it—you will become poised, unflappable, unshakable and…kind. Because no one can take your best things away from you. Jesus holds those best things in His hand and no power on earth or in Hell can take them away. Period. End of story.

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