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17 May 2022

Create an artificial world full of bustling and business. A world that leaves no time for reflection. If you want to add an extra dose of confusion, tell your children to love and obey God and then make it impossible for them to observe God’s character through natural revelation. Fill their minds with noise because they can’t bear silence and call it “loving music.” And then, when their minds are full of noise, tell them to sit down and concentrate on the Word of God for five minutes. Rejoice and laud the information age without pausing to notice that all the information you have access to at a click of a mouse is nothing more than a vast collection of incoherent facts, void of context, cohesion and utterly useless without a logical framework to hang them on and form a complete picture.

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What All Birds Sing

04 April 2022

When most people talk about freedom, they mean the freedom to do what they like when they want to do it. They mean the freedom to live without obvious and intrusive constraints. They mean the freedom to live the easy or easier life while clutching the insurance policy of someone or some entity swooping in to save the day should any danger intrude. What most people want isn’t really freedom. What most people want is a bigger cage.

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My Funny Valentine

15 February 2022

Our love is so strong, it kindled a fire that just about burned the house down yesterday. And the neighbor's house. And the woods. For realz. Well, it really had more to do with bad judgement in the face of exhaustion more than love...technically. And anyway, couples that put out fires together, stay together.

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All Made Right--First Christmas in Heaven

15 December 2021

I expect grief is different for everyone. Different if the one who is gone is a grandparent, father, mother, child, spouse, friend. Hard to prepare for without knowing how it will be for you. Different if you were there when the death happened. Different if you were absent. Different if you were the one calling the ambulance.

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Thanksgiving Prayer: A Bit of Holy Defiance

23 November 2021

I read the end of the book, and I know who wins. Evil and the effects of evil will fail. God will triumph. I won’t give Satan the satisfaction of my bitterness or the control freak politicians and bureaucrats the satisfaction of my misery. I will raise my thanksgiving in defiance.

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Morning Has Broken

08 July 2021

Dad never coasted. He never folded his hands and let the madding crowd decide which way to go. He never stopped thinking about truth, about God’s Word, about theology. He engaged with hard questions and studied the Scriptures for answers to them. He made decisions on conviction. It was not enough to learn what God’s Word had to say, but he would frequently upend his entire life to make it align with what those truths revealed, no matter what it cost...But as is often the case with great strengths, this drive in my Dad to engage with hard questions, to understand God’s Word in every particular, was also his great weakness. And somedays, it brought him very low.

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