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The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club Movie

10 April 2012

I happen to have a soft spot for old guys. I lived with the funniest, sweetest and yes, sometimes grumpiest old guy for ten years of my life–my grandpa Joe Barber. During that time, I worked at a bakery where I dealt with old people a lot...

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Publishing...My Saga Continued

17 March 2012

I recently heard from my agent that at least one publisher made a short run publishing offer on my book, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse.

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Summary of The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse

10 February 2012

Spanning the calamitous turmoil of a World War and the deadly Influenza plague of 1918, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse is a spellbinding portrait of a young girl’s struggle against the travails of modern loss and faithlessness...

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