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Publishing...My Saga Continued

17 March 2012

I recently heard from my agent that at least one publisher made a short run publishing offer on my book, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse. In other words, they would print a relatively small number of copies to see how well my book does on the market. If they sell, then maybe more in the future. This is understandable. I am, after all, a completely unknown author with not much of a following online. So, they have no way of knowing whether I’ll be a success or not.

My agent would like to wait another month or so before he replies to this offer to see if other offers are forthcoming. In the meanwhile…I wait as usual. Or daydream about the time when I’ll hold a printed copy in my hands.

I realize as I write, that just the fact I can say, “my agent,” is really something in and of itself. A year ago, I was writing query letters and sending them out with a liberal hand. The problem was, no one ever responded to them! So, I am extremely thankful to the Lord for providing someone who believes in my book enough to represent me to publishers. If it weren’t for that, I’d still be sitting on a novel, tearing at my hair in frustration, trying to get somebody to pay attention to it.

At any rate, stay tuned. I’ll keep you up to date as soon as I learn new information.