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Sinking Sands--A Three Part Series Part 1: Now What?

12 January 2021

In his loving, gentle hands, I am safe. Living Himself within my heart, making me what he is, I am secure. Not that nothing bad can happen to me. Because plenty of bad things have over the course of my life and to you as well. (I even got Covid this year.) I mean, existentially safe. Whatever happens, I will be alright. If I die, I will be with Him. If I suffer, I will suffer in His hands. If I am bereaved, I will be bereaved in His hands. I will never be separated from Him, and He will hold me together.

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It's Dark Out: A Health Update and Other Ramblings

16 December 2020

This is where my greatest hope lies. Because in biblical terms, hope is not a wish, it’s for sure. For bringing light to my dark world, He wants nothing but me. I have given what He wants and will continue to give it. I will speak the truth as I know it and leave it to Him to shine the light brighter and brighter as the darkness grows deeper. In my health or lack, in lockdowns or a return to sanity, during lies or truth telling—God is my light.

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The Panic Room

04 March 2020

Having an intimate and somewhat dramatic acquaintance with fear as I do, I have noticed a few things about it. First, you cannot suppress it. It doesn’t work to will it away, shove it in the closet, brush it under the rug. At least not forever. There in the dark, it just grows bigger and bursts out again. You have to face fear honestly and walk straight through it to get to joy and peace. That’s the only way. Second, you cannot coddle fear. Then it grows to such monstrous proportions that it controls you. Fear in the driver’s seat is dangerous. It makes you do the stupidest, most irrational things. When you are controlled by fear, you hurt people and ruin things and places in a panicked effort to survive. But fear loves to be in control, and in the wider world outside my mind, fear sells. Worse than that, people who love to be in control keep fear in their weapons arsenal.

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Thanksgiving and a Song

26 November 2019

It felt like a pure gift from God to be pain free, happily absorbed in musical composition, astonished that something so beautiful was coming out of my head. I kept thanking Him over and over again for it, hoping against hope that this gift might go on for a month or two or more...

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