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He Remembers I’m Dust

05 February 2015

Does God look down at me and shake His head when I stumble over the same stupid things again and again and again? Or does He look down at me in pity, knowing that I am but dust?

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In Which I Donate My Hair

29 January 2015

Over the last several years, I’ve been of the mind that since God has seen fit to give me a thick mane, it would be nice to share the love around.

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In Which Amanda Can No Longer Wear Contacts

22 January 2015

It’s the end of an age. My days as contact-wearer have come to an end. My left eye developed a weird habit of building a ring of red around my iris every time I put my contacts in which lingered for days.

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On Lack of Sleep

15 January 2015

An acquaintance of mine’s mother had insomnia, as well. Her solution was to get up and clean the whole house or practice the bagpipes…BAGPIPES!!…thus ensuring that nobody got a good night’s sleep.

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24 December 2014

After experiencing heartache, I more or less stopped singing.

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