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On Lack of Sleep

15 January 2015

An acquaintance of mine’s mother had insomnia, as well. Her solution was to get up and clean the whole house or practice the bagpipes…BAGPIPES!!…thus ensuring that nobody got a good night’s sleep.

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24 December 2014

After experiencing heartache, I more or less stopped singing.

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Dad Said I Was Pretty

11 December 2014

Backtrack with me about seventeen years. Thirteen-year-old Amanda stands in front of the mirror. Staring back at her is a huge pair of thick glasses, a smattering of pimples over whatever face isn’t covered by the glasses, a smile that reveals some crooked teeth, clothes that stick out in every awkward direction because she’s too skinny for most of them to drape nicely, a flat chest, and…oh, those glasses.

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When We Are Rude

04 December 2014

It was a very long wait. About two hours, in fact. The guys in the garage were doing the best they could, but they had too much business to keep ahead of. I was far from bored. I had my work to do and sailed along just fine until…Mrs. Crabby-Pants walked in.

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Thanking Thee

27 November 2014

Christians are all children to God. And it’s remarkable how like children we can act when things don’t quite go the way we want them to. We adults have more sophisticated ways of wailing and fussing and stamping our feet, but the underlying attitude is the same.

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The Barbarians

06 November 2014

Using six-year-olds to get attention albeit for a “worthy cause” seemed an all-time new low. I fully intended to put it out of my mind and go about my business. I realized today that I kind of have to say something about it.

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