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Skinny Souls

28 May 2014

A common theme throughout the Bible is that God usually does give us what we want. That sounds pretty good until you realize that getting what you want isn’t always a sign of God’s blessing or that what you want is a legitimate, holy desire in the first place.

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Justin and Mom

08 May 2014

This week, my brother celebrates his twenty-sixth birthday. Plus Mother’s Day is coming up shortly after. So, I thought I’d cover them both in one handy blog post.

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The Best Place in the World

01 May 2014

When I was five, my Dad decided he needed to go to Bible college. He was a musician, turned Christian, turned public school teacher, turned Christian school teacher and he decided it was time get poorer. So, off we went to a little tiny place called Freedom Farm.

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God is Best

24 April 2014

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that there is something terribly lonely about life.

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