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Conversation With a Five-Year-Old

09 July 2013

Early last month, I visited the family. One sunny morning, I was sitting out on the back porch, grooming one of the family dogs. Miles came wandering out with a toy train or something. His dreamy face told me he was lost in his own little world. He was driving his toy around and making up sound effects as he went along. When the sound effects died down, a random thought passed through my mind.

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Please! Just Say Thank You

19 May 2012

We humans are excessively good at swinging on pendulums from one extreme to another and never finding that very calm and less dizzy spot in the middle on many issues. The one I will expound upon involves the two simplest words in the English vocabulary, “Thank you.”

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God Will Provide

12 May 2012

At various times throughout my childhood, my dad was a Christian school teacher, a pastor or both. Any way you look at it, he wasn’t rolling in the dough. Most of the time he was only scraping up enough flour to make a thin paste.

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America--Nietzsche’s Ideal?

26 April 2012

From my limited knowledge of his thoughts, I understand Nietsche’s ideal society to be a place of raw individualism, free of society’s constraints. In such a place, individuals would live for themselves and their own interests. Freely chosen action without regard to anyone’s opinion but one’s own is the theme of Nietzsche’s writings.

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The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club Movie

10 April 2012

I happen to have a soft spot for old guys. I lived with the funniest, sweetest and yes, sometimes grumpiest old guy for ten years of my life–my grandpa Joe Barber. During that time, I worked at a bakery where I dealt with old people a lot...

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More of Me and Yahoo

30 March 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a funny short story assignment on Yahoo. I wasn’t sure what to write, because I don’t necessarily think of myself as a comedy writer. On the other hand, I have a registered nurse for a brother who works the night shift...

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