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Self-Expression? Phft!

27 March 2014

Expressing God, not myself, is my full-time job now. Or at least it ought to be. And we creative people need to get that and own it. If we make movies, write novels, take or paint beautiful pictures for the purpose of self-expression, than we’ve grandly missed the point.

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My Favorite Fiction, Part 5: Soldier Boys

13 February 2014

I came across this book in my late teens on one of my many trips to the library. It looked interesting, so I brought it home. If I remember correctly, I read it all in about one sitting. I loved the book so much I read it to my brother. By the end, we were both in tears.

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Teaching Music

06 February 2014

All I really want to do today is normal stuff like teaching and writing and practicing violin and drinking coffee and things.

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