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My Favorite Fiction, Part 1

21 November 2013

Charlotte Bronte wrote from the perspective and internal thoughts of one young woman and dealt with one story line. Jane Eyre, in particular, is so real and fresh.

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The Testimony of a Well-Lived Life

31 October 2013

Last Saturday, I had a book signing in Battle Creek. At the appointed time, I made my way to Barnes and Noble and walked up the information desk. “Hi, I’m Amanda Barber here for the book signing,” I began. The girl on the other side looked back at me, confused. “Book signing?” Just then, the acting manager came up and the girl said something like, “There’s a book signing today?”

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Severe Mercy

17 October 2013

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people go on and on about youth like it’s the most carefree part of life. Youth, especially adolescence is when you realize that life isn’t rosy, that the expectations for a good life in which you assumed that everything around the corner was a new delight waiting to happen, fall crashing to the ground.

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Book Signings and Other Hazards

10 October 2013

This was my first big week of book signings. How do I describe it? Maybe by how I felt at the end—exhausted. Humorous things happened at the book signings: Often times, people would mistake me for an employee...

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Life, Lost Liberty, and Happiness Crammed Down My Throat

03 October 2013

Ah, politics. I’ve been laughing a great deal this week. I love the dramatic headlines: “Government shutdown: Politicians squabble as World War II veterans break down memorial gates, ‘Panda Cam’ lovers cut off” or “Now What? Government shutdown to be felt across America.” What? I didn’t feel a thing. I was busy living life...

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My Bird, Cora

26 September 2013

“My neighbor gave me this bird that they bought for their six-year-old daughter. But it just wasn't working out. Do you want it?”

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