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My New Life

23 May 2017

Every transition in life changes you. And I have gone through a humdinger. Marriage does that. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it! I love being married to Jonathon. But I feel changed, nevertheless, and so it’s difficult to know what to say…what to say…

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Of Men and Toilets and Parental Responsibility

18 May 2016

What is the role of government? More specifically, is it the government’s job to tell private business owners who they shall or shall not allow into their restrooms? Is it the government’s job to tell private business owners who they shall or shall not bake a cake for?

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I’m Back!

03 February 2016

It has been a long time. Last spring, I took a long break from blogging. I think I gave the excuse that I wanted to get some more book writing done. That was true. But there was another reason, too.

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Leave of Absence

04 May 2015

I am writing to inform you all that I am taking some time off blogging for at least the month of May. My life has hit the fast forward button and I find myself constantly searching for time to actually sit down and write.

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Blue Skies, Bright Sun

20 April 2015

It’s been fun making spring time discoveries. We didn’t move into this house until August, and there weren’t many flowers planted or blooming. So, imagine my surprise at finding spring flowers opening up here and there and everywhere.

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Oh, Rest in the Lord

17 April 2015

My mind was tired. There are questions I have no answers for. There is fatigue that comes on after my mind has been working away to come up with solutions to problems and not solving any of them. Resting in the Lord. It’s such a phrase of beauty, such an attractive prospect. Saturday night, I was wondering why it was so hard to actually do it.

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