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Leave of Absence

04 May 2015

I am writing to inform you all that I am taking some time off blogging for at least the month of May. My life has hit the fast forward button and I find myself constantly searching for time to actually sit down and write. Several other writing projects are suffering as a result. Namely, my freelance work, my second novel, my second movie script, and a whole host of other writing projects. So, I’m hoping that by taking some time off, I can refocus my energies and finish at least one of the above-mentioned projects this summer. In the long run, I think you might enjoy reading a novel or watching a movie I wrote more than reading blog posts. Just a thought!

I’ll be taking May off for sure. At the end of May, I will re-evaluate and decide whether I ought to take the entire summer off.

At any rate, you can still keep up with projects I’m working on through Facebook–!

Until next time, God bless!