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16 April 2015

I’m writing first, to apologize for being so tardy with my blog posts. (I missed last week altogether!)

Secondly, did you notice this lovely new design? My dear friend, Jonathon Hill, spent an entire evening searching for new design ideas for my blog, figuring out why Google Analytics stopped working, getting Akismet working again so I don’t have thousands of spam comments to delete every week, and generally taking pity on a technologically inept girl who really just wants to write and…not deal with computers. It looks lovely.

Third, I wrote an article recently that you might enjoy reading called, The Gayest Wedding Cake, and it’s published on Conciliar Post.

Fourth, I’m going to try to post on Mondays from now on. Thursday has been my day to post, but it’s become quite difficult to manage that in the middle of a very busy week of teaching. I figure if I can post on Monday instead, I’ll have Saturday and Sunday for blog ideas to percolate and get written and then I can just put them up on Monday. That’s the theory at any rate.

That will be all for now. Look for my next update on Monday. I do hope you all had a wonderful Easter!