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My Week in San Antonio

19 March 2015

I’m home after a week in San Antonio, Texas, at the Christian Worldview Independent Film Festival. If you recall, I was there last year along with the film I wrote, The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club. We had a couple of well-attended screenings, lots of good feedback, and our movie made it into the final five feature films at the awards ceremony. That was pretty neat.

Before I continue, a big congratulations to the Henline family for winning Best Feature Film, Audience Choice, Best Original Music Score, and runner up for Best Gospel Presentation! Ever since I met the Henlines three years ago, they’ve been working on the concept of Polycarp. They’ve invested so much time, funds and prayer into this project, I was pleased to see the final results and to see those results get the credit they deserved. Also, congratulations to all of my friends involved with Roses and Wanted, two short films that tied for Best Short Film!

Though nothing I’ve written or been involved in was at the festival this year, there were still several things that happened during the week which were very encouraging to me. First, I heard two exceptional sermons, one from Phillip Telfer and one from Gregg Harris. Second, the weather was warm and I got to wear short sleeves for the first time in about five months. Third, we rounded up a bunch of actor/producer/director people to read through the script I’ve been working on most of this year. I got to hear about three-fourths of the script read, receive a lot of constructive criticism, and get positive feedback. The long and short of it is that I feel much more equipped to tackle it again and finish it so that it’s even better than before. I really want to get this thing polished up so we can start working on funding and announce the synopsis and theme soon!

During the festival, I watched a lot of good films–Polycarp, Princess Cut, Beyond the Mask, Roses, and Wanted. All were well-done and represented a big quality jump in Christian independent filmmaking. I’m happy for the casts and crews whose labor and dedication was represented. Many of my friends worked in some or all of these films, and it’s obvious that their hard work is really starting to pay off.

One of the biggest blessings for me was a documentary that I had never heard of before last week called Where Was God, the story of Moore, Oklahoma and the devastation and loss its people suffered after a massive tornado ripped through the town and claimed many lives. It was, in fact, the first film I watched at the festival. I enjoy watching movies and the occasional documentary. I sometimes find myself shedding a few tears in really good movies, but it is rare. I never cry for documentaries. But ten minutes into Where Was God, my face was drenched. I have never been so deeply moved by a film before. So yes, do watch Polycarp, Princess Cut, Beyond the Mask, Roses and Wanted. But don’t neglect this gem of a documentary. You will be inspired and encouraged by the reminder that though we cannot see God’s big picture, there is one. He is creating His masterpiece and we’re all a part of it. Watch the trailer below and make plans to see Where Was God. Click here for church licensing information or see how you can host the film at your local theater.