I’m Back!

It has been a long time. Last spring, I took a long break from blogging. I think I gave the excuse that I wanted to get some more book writing done. That was true. But there was another reason, too.


Yes, there was a man involved. On December 27, I married him. I seem to have trouble doing more than four or five things well at a time. So, when I took some time off blogging, I was trying to decide whether I ought to marry Jonathon Hill, teaching 38 students, writing assignments for Union Gospel Press, working on my film script, and teaching Sunday School. As you know, I decided to marry him.


Aren’t you glad? Of course, once I decided to marry him in September, I had to plan a wedding for December. (It was either that or wait until June, which simply would not do at all. At thirty years old, both of us felt it was high time to get on with things!) The wedding went off beautifully, thanks to God’s grace and the help of my friends and family. Wasn’t my dress pretty?


So far, these are the only pictures I have to share. But expect I’ll have more share with you in the coming weeks. There might even be a video.


How did we meet? Well, you can read that story here. Jonathon is in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He is in session from January to June for three days a week. I am, in fact, typing this from the house floor. He likes me to join him there from time to time to watch the proceedings. It’s interesting, though I usually have about a ten-minute struggle between my desire to be a supportive wife and my equally strong desire not to be conspicuous. During the days he’s not at the capitol, Jonathon does nerdy computer stuff.

Cora has grown quite fond of him. In fact, just this morning, she did the unheard-of . She flew from my shoulder across the room to land on Jonathon’s—not once but twice. I think he’s a winner.


As you might have already surmised, I have moved from my lovely Michigan lake town, St. Joseph, to Jonathon’s home in Townville, SC. In fact, before I get into all that, why don’t I just tell you what has happened since my wedding. We headed off to our honeymoon (a cabin in the woods a few hours away), traveled back to St. Joseph to pack up the rest of my stuff, drove the twelve hours south to my new home, proceeded from there to Columbia for the opening of the legislative session, from there we drove to Atlanta where we barely caught our flight to San Francisco (there’s a whole blog post I could write about that). After a few days there, we flew to Japan, flew from Japan to Manila (the Philippines), then from Manila to Dumaguete where we met my brother, Justin, and his fiancé, Felis. (Oh, did I tell you that my brother also got married?)


Nice-looking couple, aren’t they?

At that point, we hopped on a bus and bounced, jolted, and swerved for three hours to our destination on the island of Negros Oriental, Felis’ hometown of Basay. At the end of that week, Felis and Justin were wed and we began our long journey back to the states. From Dumaguete we flew to Manila, then to Guam, then to Honolulu, then to San Francisco, then to Los Angeles, then to Atlanta. (The tickets were cheap.) From there back to Townville where I promptly fell ill and laid around on the couch for the next two days. Suffice it to say that I do not intend to look at the inside of an airport or set foot on another airplane for at least a year.

I am still uncertain about how often I’ll be writing new entries. After one rather crazy month of marriage, I’m not yet sure what is a reasonable frequency. But I can say that it will be far more frequent than once every six months!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all in print as soon as I can.

Yours truly,

Amanda B….Hill, I mean

Christmas Travels

A few hours from now, I’ll be on a plane to Colorado. It’s been a year since I’ve seen my parents and over a year since I’ve seen most of my nieces and nephews. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to spending time with them, meeting my sister’s new German Shepherd puppy Gretel, reading good books (my brother-in-law always has a good supply of them), eating lots of food, and taking goofy pictures with my nieces and nephews. Last time I was there, a huge wildfire got started. I don’t think that’s liable to happen in the middle of winter, so I’m hoping for a less eventful visit in that regard.

One of the aforementioned goofy pictures...
One of the aforementioned goofy pictures…

One thing I’ve especially enjoyed about being an aunt is filling up stockings for nieces and nephews. If you haven’t shopped for stocking stuffers before, you really should. It’s tremendous fun. The last time I was in Colorado for Christmas, we couldn’t find the Christmas stockings. After searching high and low to no avail, my dad and brother-in-law volunteered their own socks for the cause. (They were freshly cleaned.) Aesthetic appeal lost out, but a good time was had by all.

My dad is the ultimate stocking-stuffer guy. He was the one who shopped for my brother and I most years. He was never content merely to fill stockings. He had to wrap each object before it went in. And when I say wrap, I mean wrap—colorful paper, tiny bows, and the whole nine yards. Nothing, not even a pack of Black Jack gum, escaped the treatment. Throughout the years, I unwrapped tiny packs of Kleenex, chapstick, boxes of Boston Baked Beans, Good and Plenty, and trinkets of all sorts. Stockings were my favorite part of opening presents and I usually saved that for last. In fact, I am of the mind that one never gets too old for stockings. Did you hear that, Dad? Hint. Hint.

At any rate, Tuesday was my packing day. Who am I kidding? I just finished up about ten minutes ago because I’m that disorganized. I approached it in the most disjointed fashion. I had clothing strewn all over the bed, trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything important. I tend to forget important things like pajamas, toothpaste and the like.

I wonder how much bigger they'll look?
I wonder how much bigger they’ll look?

I should finish up here because I need to clean up after the packing mess, throw another load of laundry in etc… But before I do, I wanted to mention that I’ve been posting videos of me singing Christmas carols every evening, and I intend to do that until Christmas Day. I hope they are a blessing and an encouragement to you. Hopefully next week, I’ll write and explain how the idea came to me and why I decided to do it. In the mean time, enjoy!