More of Me and Yahoo

A couple of weeks ago, I accepted a funny short story assignment on Yahoo. I wasn’t sure what to write, because I don’t necessarily think of myself as a comedy writer. On the other hand, I have a registered nurse for a brother who works the night shift. He comes home with the funniest stories sometimes and tells them to me in such an animated fashion, that I often find myself doubled over with tears streaming down my cheeks. So, for this assignment, I took his stories as inspiration and crafted my own crazy “nursing” story. Well, it has clearly hit a chord with more people than I ever suspected. As of last night, the story has received over 40,000 views. I called it Night Shift at the Hospital and you can read it today if you like! I also have a few more stories published as well, though they haven’t become the smashing successes “Night Shift” has been. The first is Justice Peace, a story about a black cowboy who walks into a small town,  told through the eyes of a lonely young boy. The second is an essay on the resurrection with an original illustration by a good friend, Robert Hines. The last is a flash fiction story, Your Dad, told in one hundred words, focusing on the effects that meth (and really drugs in general) have on innocent children.

So that should give you plenty to read for a while. I have not heard about any further book offers from my agent. I suspect I may hear from him within the month. As soon as I have news, I’ll pass it on to you!

Me and Yahoo

I am a full time student right now. With all these classes to keep up on, I have limited time to write the second novel I started last summer. Fortunately, I’ve found a way around this little dilemma and it just so happens that an English class gave me the opportunity. For this class, I’m actually required to write small articles for Yahoo! Delighted to, I’m sure. So, in the past couple of months, I’ve written and published four. All of them happened to be creative writing assignments, which is my favorite type of writing anyway.  Would you like to read them? Here you go: Last Night, Dreary Lane, The Place, My Girl Lauren