Getting You Up to Speed

I realized that I made a few announcements about the premiere for The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t let you know how it went! We were all pleased with the turn out. Four hundred and fifty people came to see the movie. Afterwards, I could barely move, so many people kept coming up to me and telling me how they enjoyed the movie and how much it meant to them. We set up a camera outside the auditorium and interviewed people as they came out. You can catch their reactions here:

We are so thankful to God for the impact the film has already had on people. We hope to show the film many more times. At least one more showing is already in the works for September 6 at The Box Factory for the Arts in St. Joseph, MI. If you’re interested in going, give them a buzz for tickets. Admission will be five dollars.


On another note, I’m watching my calendar fill up rather rapidly. In June, I procured the services of a publicist. Adam Parmenter is a former student of my dad’s and has taken over the daunting task of getting promotional gigs for me as an author. Recently, he has somehow convinced a number of Barnes and Noble stores to have me in for book signings. I’m not sure how he does it, but I am so thankful. Promotion is something I’m terrible at. To be honest, it intimidates me. So, to have someone who will go to bat for me persuasively is a huge help. You can look here for a comprehensive listing of all the events—book signings and more—Adam’s already lined up for me. I bought this ginormous calendar so I can mark down Justin’s work schedule, my work schedule, my events and movie showings all in one spot. Which brings me to one more exciting little detail.


My older brother, Jeremy, has jumped into high gear for this movie. After watching the premiere, he was convinced of the value of the movie and its message and is now actively approaching churches in our area about showing the movie. You can pray for success in this area. I know good pastors are usually a bit reticent to show films from people they know nothing about. (They should be.) But do pray that they’d be willing to talk with us and see what we’re about before they say yay or nay.


That’s all for now. I will be back next week either with more news or with the musings of my head.

Publishing…My Saga Continued

I recently heard from my agent that at least one publisher made a short run publishing offer on my book, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse. In other words, they would print a relatively small number of copies to see how well my book does on the market. If they sell, then maybe more in the future. This is understandable. I am, after all, a completely unknown author with not much of a following online. So, they have no way of knowing whether I’ll be a success or not.

My agent would like to wait another month or so before he replies to this offer to see if other offers are forthcoming. In the meanwhile…I wait as usual. Or daydream about the time when I’ll hold a printed copy in my hands.

I realize as I write, that just the fact I can say, “my agent,” is really something in and of itself. A year ago, I was writing query letters and sending them out with a liberal hand. The problem was, no one ever responded to them! So, I am extremely thankful to the Lord for providing someone who believes in my book enough to represent me to publishers. If it weren’t for that, I’d still be sitting on a novel, tearing at my hair in frustration, trying to get somebody to pay attention to it.

At any rate, stay tuned. I’ll keep you up to date as soon as I learn new information.

Summary of The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse

Spanning the calamitous turmoil of a World War and the deadly Influenza plague of 1918, The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse is a spellbinding portrait of a young girl’s struggle against the travails of modern loss and faithlessness. Born to privilege and wealth, Elizabeth Millhouse is the only child of a tense and loveless relationship. Sequestered to a boarding school at a tender age, Elizabeth is ordered to stay at school even through holidays. When she is finally allowed home for the first time, it is only to visit a newly-affectionate father on his death bed. After prayers for her father’s recovery are denied, she rejects God and determines to live her life without reference to Him. Left alone with a cold and distant mother, Elizabeth seeks to forge her own path, searching for permanence and love in a world where circumstances shift like quicksand beneath her feet. Personal loss and the revelation of her own history build to a sudden understanding—in barring God, she has denied herself the love she craves.

The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse has all the elements of a fascinating story. The plot, with its hint of mystery and unexpected twists and turns, compels the reader to keep turning pages. The cast of characters with their unmistakably human quirks and idiosyncrasies are as real, as life-like and as recognizable as the reader’s friends, relatives and neighbors. Some though not human are as equally familiar, such as George, the cat, who had kittens and the fox who gave Elizabeth artistic inspiration…

Although hearkening back to a different period in America’s cultural history, the story deals with topics that are still relevant today. The ideas of feminism, romantic love and motherhood are touched upon. But foremost is Elizabeth’s spiritual struggle as she grapples with the love of God juxtaposed against the presence of evil. The universal appeal of this topic makes The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse not only an encouraging read for Christians, but also a thought-provoking, unique, and informative perspective for non-Christians. After all, evil may be much closer than a distant idea that painfully intrudes into our lives in the form of tragedy and wrongs committed against us. Evil, in fact, resides in our hearts and reveals itself in our crimes against a holy and loving God.