Some Ordinary Stuff

I’ve started this post at least five times now, trying to come up with something to say. But, you know, even authors of novels can be idea-less at times.

It’s one of those calm-before-the-storm kind of weeks. A bunch of writing needs to be done before the end of the month, orchestra rehearsals resume on Monday, and…I have this vague and uncomfortable sensation that I’m forgetting something important. I’ll probably sit up in bed at three in the morning and remember it. Tomorrow night. When it’s too late to do anything about it.

Regardless, today (meaning Tuesday when I had time to write this) was peaceful and quiet with a few music students coming over to be instructed in the afternoon. After they all left, I commiserated with my brother, Justin, over his car difficulties. Last month, he traveled up to Minnesota to work on a film project. (I’ll have an exciting announcement pertaining to this project sometime soon.) His car met its end due to a lack of oil. It was very cold at the time. So, he has been without a car for about a month, poor fellow. He took the opportunity to buy a bike and has been pedaling his way to work every morning and evening and borrowing my car when the distance is too long. Reliable cars for reasonable prices (meaning those that don’t require massive amounts of debt for a pile of metal that depreciates to nothing) are hard to come by. Thankfully, though, he has his sights zeroed in on a Kia Ria. We hope this proves the end of his great car search.

In other news, the snow has more or less departed from Michigan. More or less. Meaning, it was all melted last week, snowed again yesterday, and melted today. We think that’s the last of it. We greatly hope that’s the last of it. I saw a robin a couple of weeks ago, and today there was a big, fat bunny rabbit in my front yard, munching away on something. April’s around the corner, so that better be the last of it.

On May 23, I get to be something I have not been since I was ten years old—a bridesmaid! My dear friend, Lydia Hines, is marrying her farm boy, Jesse Gjefle, and I have the distinct privilege of being her maid of honor. Ah, mawwiage. Congratulations, dear Lydia!

So Saturday, I set to work making my dress. Today, I finished it. Oh, you want to see a picture? Here you are.


Well, though this hasn’t been deep or inspiring, I hope it’s been fun. To all, have a good week!

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