Some Ordinary Stuff

I’ve started this post at least five times now, trying to come up with something to say. But, you know, even authors of novels can be idea-less at times.

It’s one of those calm-before-the-storm kind of weeks. A bunch of writing needs to be done before the end of the month, orchestra rehearsals resume on Monday, and…I have this vague and uncomfortable sensation that I’m forgetting something important. I’ll probably sit up in bed at three in the morning and remember it. Tomorrow night. When it’s too late to do anything about it. Continue reading

My Week in San Antonio


I’m home after a week in San Antonio, Texas, at the Christian Worldview Independent Film Festival. If you recall, I was there last year along with the film I wrote, The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club. We had a couple of well-attended screenings, lots of good feedback, and our movie made it into the final five feature films at the awards ceremony. That was pretty neat. Continue reading



This Saturday, I’ll join my fellow Kalamazoo “Philharmonians” on stage at Dalton Theater to play a concert of unknowns. Our conductor, Andrew Koehler, has in fact titled the concert, “Toward the Unkown Region.” I am sure he will elaborate more on that title in the program notes, but for me, this music was all unknown until I began learning it in January. In other words, I’d never heard of or listened to any of it. We’ll be playing a symphony by Charles Atterberg and the Turandot Suite by Busoni, not to be confused with the opera, Turandot. Wondering what this music is all about? Well, you’ll just have to come to the concert and see. (Laughs wickedly into her sleeve.) Continue reading