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From my leaf collection!
From my leaf collection!

I am sitting in my room at my desk by the window. I think it’s marvelous that the window sill is wide enough to park my cup of coffee there without any fear of spillage. For the past several weeks, I have been getting my head wrapped around my new fall schedule. It does seem like life speeds up rather dramatically the day after Labor Day when I would most like it to slow down. That is the life of a music teacher, I guess. At this moment, I would really just love to be outside, walking the streets and looking at all of the reds, yellows, golds, greens and browns painting the tree line. Fall is my most favorite time of year. But duty calls and here I am writing, trying to complete my weekly update before it’s time for me to hit the road for the music studio twenty minutes away where I will attempt to instill musical knowledge in my students. I hope you’re grateful. Just kidding. I enjoy this, too.

Orchestra rehearsals began a few weeks ago. So, in addition to the next Union Gospel Press assignment I’m working on in the cracks, I am embroiled in Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Debussy and Poulenc. For my brother’s sake, I’m glad he has been out of the house whenever I practice the Stravinksy. Squeak! Squawk! Smack. In context with the rest of the orchestra, it sounds great. But by itself, it’s truly dreadful to listen to. Regardless, I’m looking forward to performing The Rite of Spring in November. That piece is a true accomplishment for any orchestra.

Besides practicing violin, teaching, and working on the Union Gospel Press assignment, I’ve been cogitating over my script. I finished the rough draft several weeks ago. Overall, it’s good work, but the beginning has some issues. So, I’ve been pondering how to fix them this last month. It seems like my brain works that way a lot. I often write things, look at them askance, set them aside for a long time, pick them back up and then, click, things all falls into place. I’m hoping the same thing happens with this script.

In spite of all my heavy responsibilities, I’ve still found time to enjoy the season. The other day, I went searching through my thick books for the fall leaves I’d pressed between their pages last year. My collection of dried, colorful leaves is getting larger every year. I like to hang them around the house so I can sigh in satisfaction when I look at them. I’m not sure Justin is entirely pleased with my decorating sense, but he tolerates it. Hey, it’s the small things in life that make me happy.

It is now time for me to attend to more business. I have a list a mile long which I will attempt to shorten before I leave for teaching today. I wish you all a Happy Fall!

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