A Quiet Week

IMG_0226[1]I have no excuse for writing this late in the week besides the fact that when Thursday rolled around, I just didn’t feel like writing. It’s been a quiet week, mostly. But since I know my life will get much busier after Labor Day (I’m starting a lot of new music students when school starts) I decided mostly to do things I really enjoyed. So, I worked on some sewing projects, started reading a new book, made some curtains for my room and stuff like that. Last week I finished a crocheted rag rug for my hardwood floor. That should be nice when the Polar Vortex comes swirling back in a few more months. Here is Cora sitting on it.

And here are my new curtains. Or at least, one of them. There is nothing fancy about either the rug or the curtains, which is exactly what I like. They make me feel at home.

IMG_0228[1]I dream of having a little house out in the country some day, full of rag rugs, homemade curtains, a dinner table with chairs that don’t quite match, topped off with a red and white gingham tablecloth. There would be a cat curled up on the sofa and a big dog laying in front of the fireplace to make me feel safe. Of course, a big, strong husband and a lot of kids would be nice, too, but you can’t go out and buy those.

Well, since this is my week to do fun stuff, I have decided I will make this a short blog post and go bake chocolate chip cookies. I have the time. Why not!

Until next week. Perhaps I will have more profound thoughts than idle day dreams rolling around in my head.


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