Just a Snippet Part 2

Hans, painting away.
Hans, painting away.

And so life continues. I’ve been spending a lot of time at my brother’s new house, helping him get ready to move in. I’ve also ben packing…the never-ending job. How is it possible for two single people to have so much stuff? Actually, it’s pretty much my fault. I’m the big reader and the 7-8 boxes of books mostly belong to me. Then there are the 3-4 boxes of fabric. Erg. I just can’t throw fabric away. I often hang on to a nice big piece of fabric for several years and then make something out of it. So, the fabric stays. But the amount of clothing I own is ridiculous. My wardrobe underwent a serious purging this last month. I think I need to look into living the minimalistic life.

Hans' finished product.
Hans’ finished product.

I wonder if that’s even possible for me. The problem is that I’m so cotton-pickin’ thrifty. I can’t stand throwing away stuff that could possibly be re-used. Hence the large collection of used wrapping paper, gift bags, plastic grocery bags, Ziploc bags, newspaper, old printed documents, cardboard food boxes etc…that finally met its end in the trash can during the packing process.  Some of that stuff has actually come in handy in the past.  I’ve made some pretty sweet gift boxes out of old Cheerios boxes.

The chaos of packing!
The chaos of packing!

And, to a certain extent, my obsession with not throwing things away has served me well. For instance, I can stretch one whole chicken longer than a mile—roast chicken, then sandwich meat, simmer the bones for broth which turns into the base for soup later on.  But it sure takes up a lot of space. Hmmm. Someday I’ll figure out the proper balance.

Through this whole getting-house-ready/moving process, I have been so touched by all of the kind people who have volunteered their services at the house. First, one of the gentlemen who plays a character in The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club, spent about three days painting for us! Hans was there at eight o’clock every morning and did such a nice job.  Then Werner Reidel (Heinrich Roth in our movie) came and did a bit of electric work. What a guy! And then Eric Hagemen and his son-in-law, Micah Carlson, came and patched up some places in the hardwood floor and did a bit of sanding. Last night, my pastor’s oldest three kids came and helped me rip off wallpaper in the kitchen plus paint cupboards. Thank God for kind, generous people. We could never have gotten this much accomplished on our own.

Mr. Hagemen at work.
Mr. Hagemen at work.

Remember Conciliar Post, the new blog that started up last month? I’ve been writing the occasional article for them and I recently submitted a new one called, “Imagine.” I believe it will be posted on Friday, though I can’t say for sure. I’ll post a link to my Facebook page when it’s up. I think you will enjoy this one.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll post some more pictures of the house next time. Lord willing, there will be some nice before and after pictures.












Just a Snippet

Sadly, this weekly post will be short and sweet. I’m caught up in the midst of packing and helping my brother out at his house. So, I have not had as much time to write or ponder future blog posts lately. On Monday, I was at the house, painting baseboard and quarter round while Justin and one of the actors from The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club, Hans Willer, painted the living room and dining room. Tuesday, Hans was there again, helping us paint. I’m so thankful for him! I helped Justin tear up carpet, dig staples out of the hard-wood floor underneath, and cleaned some cupboards while I was there. A few weeks ago, a wild storm went through St. Joe, uprooting trees, snapping limbs and generally creating a mess. Justin’s new property was not exempt, and the whole lawn was a carpet of tree limbs and leaves. What a mess! Anyway, there was a pile of limbs and logs in front of the house. So, Justin borrowed a chainsaw and cut them into manageable pieces and I toted them into the garage and began a woodpile. It took an hour, at least, to finish that job, but now we have free wood for the fireplace in the living room come winter!

That’s all I’ve been up to the past week. I’ve been taking pictures of the house while we work away at it. Perhaps next week, I’ll post some before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure. It’s such a cute little house and it’s only getting cuter the more we work on it.


In Other News…

10489654_10152494529144590_8140085269350682355_nFor the past five days, I’ve been house sitting for my pastor and his family while they’re away visiting friends. I enjoy being here. It’s out in the country, quiet and such a nice change of pace from apartment living. I’m minding their two dogs, seven cats, flock of chickens and rabbit, Moshi. I enjoy doing all the things I don’t get to do in an apartment such as: sitting out on the porch in the sunshine while the kittens pounce on each other and generally behave themselves in a cute fashion, walking outside without the vague sensation that the eyes of 500-600 people can be on me at any given moment, throwing a ball for the dogs and watching them run free without the worry that they might get run over by a car. It’s been fun, which brings me to an exciting bit of news.

My brother bought his first house! It was official as of yesterday and last night he was already inside, fixing stuff up. So, I’ll be moving in with him at the end of the month. I get to live in a real house again! It’s a nice little place with a half-acre of yard. It is in the city, but has a lot of trees around it which gives a little more sense of quiet and privacy. I’m quite looking forward to that.10552448_10152568568969851_1418190655155195912_n

And now for the third piece of news: I have finished the rough draft of my film script! Of course, it’s still a rough draft so there’s some work to be done before we can announce the title and give you a brief synopsis and theme. So, pray that I have lots of wisdom and creativity to perfect this thing. I feel that the end is still somewhat clunky, so I’ll need to spend some more time on that. But overall, I’m excited to share this new concept with you and see it made into film.

That is all for now. Later!

A Little From My Past

Me and Lilly
Me and Lilly

I have several ideas cogitating in my brain right now, but none of them are ready to be produced. This is why I was looking forward to today with a mixture of one part irritation and two parts feeling stumped. You see, Thursday is the day I have set for myself to produce something new, something to inspire my less-than-vast readership. (Thanks to all of you who do read my musings!) But today, to quote a wise man I know, “I got nothin’.”

Enter Dad to the rescue. He called me up Tuesday night and said, “Hey, you know that picture of you and Lily on the bed?” “Yeah,” I replied. “You still have that, right?” Dad asked. “Oh, yeah,” I assured him. “Oh, good. Don’t ever get rid of that one. You should write a blog post about little Lilly.” And so I shall.

That strange creature up there in the orange-creamsicle-colored scarf is me six years ago and the clever little dog “reading” a book is Lily. She is a Shetland sheep dog and the most polite animal I have ever met. Never one to force her existence on anyone, she nevertheless loves attention. Unlike the other Shetland sheep dog my parents own (Annie), Lily does not dream of jumping exuberantly around or darting her wet nose in my face when I come home for a visit. She always hangs around the sidelines until Annie gets her fill of attention and then ‘sidles up beside me to gaze lovingly in my face. After I pet her for a few minutes, she trots along as if to say, “Thank you for noticing me. And now I will take myself away, lest I overstay my welcome.”

And now for a slight rabbit trail. I’ve heard people say that dogs don’t have personalities, emotions, or memories. And to that  I say, “Hogwash!” To say that animals don’t have characteristics about them that make them unique to all other animals or feelings and emotions just because you have  a Biblical worldview is silly. (Case in point: Balaam’s donkey. Stick that in your theological pipe and smoke it!) Am I an animal rights activist? No. Am I a vegetarian? No. (Though, the thought has crossed my mind once or twice for a lot of reasons.) Do I think animal life is equal in value to human life? No. Do I abhor cruelty to animals? Yes. I find it absolutely disgusting, precisely because animals lack the intelligence and the resources to protect themselves from human cruelty. (As do children and babies in the womb, by the way.) Animals and all of creation suffer because of human sin, and because of the Fall, eating meat is permitted in the Scriptures for nourishment just as war is permitted for self-defense. But it wasn’t supposed to be that way, and it doesn’t mean I have to like it either. Which is why I cannot wait until God puts things to rights again, just as they were before the Fall, when the lion will lay down with the lamb and no one will be hurt or afraid.

Anyway, you could not get a more clear example of the differences between extrovert and introvert than watching my parents’ funny little dogs, Annie and Lily. Annie would be the extrovert–boisterous, jubilantly happy anytime there are people around to interact with, a flurry of excited fur and paws invading private space anytime someone comes back home. Lily would be the introvert–just as excited to see her people but far more reserved and cautious in her approach. As soon as I sit down on the couch, Annie jumps up with me and flops down on my lap. Lily, after circling the room several times to scope the situation out will very carefully jump up on the couch at the opposite end of where I’m sitting and politely sit down and look over at me until I notice her. Then and only then, will she permit herself to come close and get petted.

If I remember the day this picture was taken correctly, (though, even if I didn’t it wouldn’t matter since the following situation repeated itself countless times) Lily had come wandering up to my room in her quiet little way, nosed the door open and stood waiting on the floor until I noticed her staring up at me. “Hi, Lily,” I said, smiling. “Do you want to come up here?” Lily averted her eyes as if to say, “Well, I don’t want to be a bother or anything.” After much persuasion, Lily finally jumped up on the bed and laid down close by but not too close. I told you, she is a very polite little dog.  About that time, Justin came upstairs and I got the idea for a picture. We put another open book under her paws. Click went the camera. And the result of all that is that I now have a very pleasant memory.

Thanks for reading…