The Mad Rush of May

I may be wrong, but I believe spring has finally deigned to smile on us in Michigan. There will be the occasional relapse into fiftyish-degree weather no doubt (like right now). But on the whole, temperatures are on the upswing. How pleasant! And how busy I am!

This week, I have a great deal going on. I’m busy preparing myself to perform for a gathering of ladies in Otsego this Saturday. They asked me to bring music and a little talk about my book and The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club to a “Ladies’ Tea” several months ago. It should be interesting to see how much of a crowd will be there. I think the biggest crowd I’ve ever had was about two hundred. I always enjoy these little concerts. The only thing I’m concerned about at present is the cold that caught me unawares last week. The effects of a severely stuffed up head and scratchy throat have not yet worn off, so I’m hoping and praying my voice will be in tolerable shape by the end of the week to get through it.

While I’m preparing for that concert, I’ll also be preparing for my niece’s visit next week. Kristen lives in Colorado and I have not seen her since last summer. Kristen has been making me feel quite old for some time now by doing things like turning seventeen, learning to drive a car, getting a job and taking online college classes. My brother and I are excited to spend a week with her. We’re hoping for sunny, warm weather, so she can have a chance to enjoy Lake Michigan and go for a hike around the dunes. We shall see.

And while Kristen is here, I’ll be gearing up for my students’ spring recital. Oh, my. I enjoy teaching, and I even enjoy recitals, but I will mostly enjoy having this recital behind me. There are many more students this year which is a great thing. But of course, more people mean more organization and planning.

So, pray for me and wish me a semi-sane May! I’ll need it.

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