God is Best

red_coatMaybe it’s just me, but it seems that there is something terribly lonely about life. I began to have a vague glimpse of just how lonely life could be when I was a little girl, running home in tears because my little friends decided they didn’t want me to play with them anymore. Later, it got lonelier as I grew into my teens and felt that unmistakable sensation that I just wasn’t quite fitting in, wasn’t really wanted. Lonelier still as I watched people verbally tear into someone I loved–at church where it’s supposed to be safe.  There’s nothing terribly unique in all of this. It’s as common as dirt. Lots of people I know have been through far, far worse. But like the common cold, whose miseries are no less painful than they are common, the loneliness that sets in after trust has been destroyed over and over again is still excruciating no matter how common the circumstances.

I often ask myself, “Why am I so disappointed? I know these people are sinners like me. They almost can’t help but do damage. It’s what humans do best.” I think it hurts so much because, deep down, we know that’s not how things are supposed to be. God didn’t create us to maul and wound and destroy. But that’s what we’ve done ever since the Fall. Even Christians can hurt people. They’re supposed to repent and mend the breaches they’ve caused, but sometimes they don’t…for years. Why? I don’t know. Pride, I guess.

Even though we know it’s pointless, we keep hoping to find some people, maybe just one person, who won’t do that. Who will love us like God meant for us to be loved, conveniently forgetting that we can’t even love the way we’re supposed to. As I think about it, my mind always goes back to God, the perfect lover. God, who is best.

God, who wants me. Wants me for His glory, not because of how wonderful or charming or beautiful I am. I never have to worry about keeping His interest or falling out of favor. He will want me when I’m obedient and chastise me when I’m not…still wanting me. He won’t ever leave me, and He doesn’t get tired of my prayers. He’s made Himself available to me every hour of every day and night. For crying out loud, He’s commanded me to talk to Him without ceasing. Not too many people I know want me like that.

God who hurts but not without good reason or purpose, who only inflicts pain as remedy, never for harm.  God who is safe, who I trust with my secrets and my sins, who will never spit them back in my face in frustration. Why would His will be frustrated? It’s always good and inevitable. God who never wields my struggles over my head as a sword, like some kind of power play. He doesn’t need to. He holds all the power anyway.

God, who loves me, loves me enough to keep after me. I forget Him, disobey Him, can never love Him the way He deserves to be loved, and He still loves me.

God is best.


So, I’ll be alright and so will you. If we have God, we have everything. Loneliness, after all, only lasts a lifetime.


5 thoughts on “God is Best

  1. Amanda, I think many Christians can identify with both your feeling loneliness and disappointment in how others, especially other Christians, treat us. I simply would like to encourage you in couple of points. In Christ we POSITIONALLY have all that God is through Christ. That’s encouraging to me, however we do need to learn how to use what we have and in a very real way work that out practically. Most of the NT letters are in that format: for example, Romans spends 11 chapters telling us what our position is, then beginning in chapter 12 tells us how to apply those things. Secondly, it is love for the brethren (1 Tim. 1:5 and others) that proves the genuineness of our faith. Part of that love includes forgiveness. The first thing to remember about forgiveness is that it does cause us suffering. But with God’s power we overcome that and let the wrong done to us go. I have had to learn this too, and I am many more years down the road of life than you are! God bless you and your ministry in writing. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts.

  2. Amanda, I probably have not actually expressed this to you before, but I really appreciate what you write. I do read your posts! lol And often I feel like you put in words things I think about, or feel, but do not put so eloquently. I especially appreciated the post you did awhile back on accepting compliments, something I really struggled with as a teen. I can totally relate to that. But as far as this post goes, I have to say, having gone through a somewhat similar situation I came out with almost the same conclusion, except that I put it as, “God is not a god of good intentions. He IS good.” Which is something I don’t know if I had really grasped before then. Honestly, it’s really easy to give God human qualities simply because that is all we know. And so, in my ignorance, I had often viewed God as well-intentioned instead of always good. It sounds blasphemous to admit it, but I really do believe that’s how I sub-consciously felt, and I acted accordingly. But you know, He IS good, H’s not well-intentioned. He actually does know what’s best for me, even if it’s not what I think is. He doesn’t mess up and He doesn’t forget us. We cannot foil His plans by some little action of ours. 🙂 And that, you know, is the crux of the whole matter. He IS good. And it gives me great relief to know it.

    1. Thank you, Rachel. Yes, very true. I’m still in the process of learning that lesson. A few years ago, I said to myself, “God has the right to do whatever He wants to me because He is good.” I often repeat that to myself because I am forgetful.

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