A Note From My Disjointed Brain

The editor in chief
The editor in chief

I’ve been sitting at the computer, procrastinating for the last half hour. Yes, I do procrastinate. Thursday is the day to write a blog post but my mind is quite blank. All I can really think about at the moment is the fact that I need to finish packing for my trip to San Antonio, that the sun is shining outside, how much I really want to eat a large quantity of chocolate and how stuffy my nose is. But my bird, Cora is staring at me with her beady little eyes, seeing to it that I write like I’m supposed to instead of doing other things—chiefly, eating a large quantity of chocolate. So, here I am. I’m afraid this will not be a very cohesive post. My apologies. There’s no one thing I really want to write about. So, I’ll just tell you what I’ve been doing the last several days and what I will be doing in the next.

Last week, I went hunting for more writing jobs via Google. I discovered Cairn Press is looking for personal essays featuring the subject of rejection. Those essays which they do not reject will be published in an anthology and the authors will receive compensation. (Yay!) Provided my essay on the topic of rejection is not rejected, I could make some more income. I’ve also been working on my next film script. I decided about six pages in that I really needed to start the script at a different point in the timeline. I was trying to be all “lets avoid the flashback thing,” but decided I just needed to approach the script the same way I approached the story it’s based on. So, that’s settled.

The past several months, I’ve been interested in turning old newspapers into useful creations. Last week, I finally got up the courage to give it a try. My first basket looked dreadful and I tossed it out. The second basket I made looked quite a bit better. But I realized that it kind of looked more like a Doctor Seuss hat than a basket. Tuesday night, I finally met with success!

photo 2 (1) Basket

This afternoon, I teach from two until about seven. Phew. Friday, I’ll frantically finish up my packing in the morning and meet with some writing/musician friends in the afternoon, then take Cora to my brother’s house for an extended visit with the nieces and nephews while I’m in Texas. The kids all like Cora, no matter how ornery she can be. The advantages of being dinky and yellow. Saturday—more packing and wracking of my brain to make sure I don’t forget anything important. Sunday—Texas! I really hope it’s characteristically warm. If I get there and it’s forty degrees, I will feel like I’ve had a cruel joke played upon me!

I’ll do my best to take pictures and share my experiences here a few more times during the film festival week.

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