Mahler and a Rag Rug

My concert on Saturday went very well. I had many of the two hundred people in attendance come and talk to me afterwards, saying how much they appreciated the music and how I shared a bit of my life’s experiences with them. It would be fun to do that again. This week, of course, I’m gearing up to play Regeneration—a concert of classical music presented by the orchestra I play in, Kalamazoo Philharmonia. We’ll be playing Mahler’s first symphony and Strauss’ Four Last Songs with soprano Rhea Olivacce. In rehearsals we’ve played straight through the entire symphony a couple of times. Phew! It’s intense, especially the last movement, but definitely worth the effort. As usual, you are all invited to the concert—that is if you live close enough to attend. Here’s a sample of our playing: Egmont Overture by Beethoven

Once this concert’s over, I plan to devote some time to writing projects that I’ve needed to get to but haven’t had the time so far. I intend to plow into a Union Gospel Press assignment come next week and start wading through another film script using my brother’s Mac and the handy dandy film script template that comes with Pages. (Oh, why can’t Word do something like that?) 

In the meanwhile, though, I can’t seem to stop myself from crafting.

Me and my rug
Me and my rug

A few weeks ago, I got started on a crochet rug, using up some fabric scraps I didn’t want to go to waste. Some scraps came from fabric I had left over from dresses I made for my nieces, some scraps came from old curtains, some came from a dress project for myself. Few things make me happier than making something useful from stuff I can’t bear to throw away. Makes me feel better about being a pack rat. Anyway, here’s the progress I’ve made.

Cora likes to help
Cora likes to help


We’ll see how big it gets. My brother wants me to make it one of those ginormous rugs that can cover an entire living room floor. That would be kind of neat. I’ll post pictures from time to time as it gets bigger.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back next Thursday.

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