Fall = Sweaters and Crafts

photo (1)The weather has most definitely taken a chilly turn. Some of my friends have even reported snow on the ground. Here in St. Joseph, we rarely get the brunt of snowy weather. It seems like the storms cook up over the lake, skip over us and dump everywhere else. Nevertheless, I did see a few snowflakes yesterday morning and last night. So, I get the best of the fall season–a nip in the air, turning leaves, coffee, and sweaters. Okay, coffee really has nothing to do with fall, but it tastes and feels so much better when it’s chilly outside. Ambiance and all that.

Maybe it’s the weather that has produced a fit of craftiness in me. When it gets cold, I feel especially inclined to break out my fabric scraps and make something. (Often times when I should be practicing my violin or working on a writing project. Shameful.) Pinterest doesn’t help much. When I go browsing on Pinterest, my cursor wanders to the DIY and Crafts category of its own free will and there I am, stuck for the next half-hour, delighting over all the neat things I could make with my old stuff or thrift store finds. I could write an entire blog post on thrift store shopping, but I’ll spare you for today. photo 1

Anyway, last week and this week, I succumbed to temptation, and made some stuff. I had a pile of fabric scraps that I’ve refused to throw away for several years because I knew I could put them to good use, plus a pile of dried leaves that I’d pressed in a book last fall. It was time to do something with both. I discovered a neat way to use fabric strips and polyester rope and made this cute little basket. Once again, I found this idea on Pinterest. You can find the how-to here . It was terribly fun and easy to make.

Now I’m going to try to make one without using the rope. I don’t like to have to buy special things to make crafts out of old stuff I have around the house. So this time, I’ll braid the fabric strips together for more stiffness and then sew it up. We shall see how it works.

Next things on the agenda were my dried leaves. Somewhere a long time ago, I saw a picture of a leaf and greenery garland where the leaves were tied to a long piece of string and hung up on the wall. So yesterday, I pulled out my leaves and some old tatting thread and went to work. This was the result:

photoPretty, huh? I still have a lot of leaves and stuff left, so I think I’ll make a bigger one and hang it somewhere else.

This week has been slightly more laid back. I got a free lance writing assignment that I did some brainstorming for today. I only have one book signing. This one will be in Battle Creek at Barnes and Noble from 1:00-4:00. If you’re in the area, be sure to drop in and say hello.



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