I’m Back!

After a nine-month-long absence from this blog, it’s about time I checked in. I believe I stopped writing posts about the time things began to get really crazy with filming our movie, “The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club.” So much has happened, and I am excited to announce that the filming is complete as is most of the editing! Our next major project is the soundtrack. My dad, Richard Barber, has written a completely original score that really complements the story in the best way possible. Now, the plan is to have a recording session on March 23 with members of the Kalamazoo Philharmonia. It’s been quite amazing seeing all the pieces fall into place. During filming, over forty people volunteered to provide prop food, help design costumes, and even build some filming equipment. From late December to early January, we raised over five thousand dollars on Kickstarter.com to record the soundtrack. God has provided the things we needed for the project over and over again.


The second major piece of news is that my book, “The Pursuit of Elizabeth Millhouse,” is finally in print! You can purchase it on Amazon in print and on Kindle, or at Barnes and Noble.com.


I will be writing more regularly now, and I hope to check in once a week, at the very least! In the meanwhile, here is a clip from the movie that I think you’ll enjoy.